Looking for a specialised session?

We provide coaching for 1 -4 pax for 45mins per session.

Whether you need special preparation for your competition, or just prefer to workout in very small groups, we can provide a suitable programme for you.

Our private coaching can cover:

  • Sprints

  • Hurdles

  • Jumps

  • Throws

  • Bike skills/Learn to cycle

  • Triathlon transition skills

  • Distance running

  • General fitness

  • Speed and agility training for other sports

  • Strength & conditioning

If there's something you might need help with but isn't on the list, contact us and we can advise you on how we can help!

Suitable for:

+ Kids

We recommend them joining our KidNetic®/TriKidNetic® sessions for the social element.

But if scheduling is an issue or your child needs specific training, we can tailor a programme for you.

+ Adults

Do you want to keep fit and need a watchful eye?

Do you have specific race goals and need help getting there?

Do you need strength and conditioning sessions for injury prevention or better performance overall?

We will be able to help you!

+ Small Groups

A bunch of friends, some colleagues, parent and child...

Working out is always more fun with company.

If you're not on par with your buddy's fitness, we can help close the gap.

(Yes parents, you need to keep up with your kids!)

Screenshot 2017-12-15 01.21.01.png


1 - 1 : $500 for 4 sessions ($180 for 1 session)

1 -2 : $750 for 4 sessions

1 - 3 : $900 for 4 sessions

1 - 4 : $1000 for 4 sessions

Bigger groups? Contact us for more details.