TriKidNetic® is a Triathlon youth development programme. We teach kids how to swim, bike, run, and transition. Aside from fitness, we will impart skills such as entering and exiting the water, bike handling, and how to perform lightning quick transitions.

This programme is suitable for

+ Learning to Cycle (Kids 5-10)

Come join in our bike handling lessons on Saturdays.

Learn basic skills such as mounting and dismounting, turning, braking, and even one hand riding!

+ Looking for a Swim Class (Kids/Youth/Juniors)

Come join in our swim sessions where you will get your strokes corrected and see an improvement to your swim fitness.

Though we are not a full swim squad, we sometimes take part in swim meets too!

(please note that this is not a learn to swim programme. participants should already have some proficiency in swimming)

+ Youth Triathletes (Kids 9-12)

With our comprehensive programme, learn all 4 components (swim, bike, run, transition) and get race ready!

  • Improve your swimming technique and get exposure to open water swimming
  • Get competent in bike handling to have a smooth ride during races
  • Learn proper running technique to finish the race fast
  • Get from one leg of the race to the other with lightning quick transitions

+ Senior Triathletes (13 and up)

  • New to triathlon?

    Get familiar with the skills required for triathlon such as bike handling, transition, and open water swimming and get racing!

  • Already in triathlon and looking to improve?

    Come join our TeamFabian squad and experience training like nothing you have done before! We also hold training on unofficial days including group long runs and Sunday cycling sessions.

    (for the Sunday rides, you will have to prove your bike handling and riding ability before you are allowed to join the peloton

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Equipment You Need


Tow floats
Paddles (recommended)
Flippers (recommended)

Bicycle (any bike - kids or mountain bike recommended)
Bike stand
Bike trainer (for brick sessions)
Gloves (optional)

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*Please contact us if you would like to do only part of the triathlon programme