They are just kids, but they race hard

FWCC Athletes do their schools proud at the 58th Primary School Track & Field Championship.

The biggest event of the Primary School track and field calendar has come to a close. 12 young FWCC athletes as well as 78 athletes from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary,Red Swastika School,  and Admiralty Primary proudly represented their primary schools at the 58th SPSSC Track and Field Championship 2017.  Collectively, the athletes reached 30 final, achieved 14 podium positions, and won 4 gold medals for their schools.  The ‘D’ Girls of Red Swastika School also managed to clinch 3rd place in the Divisional Rankings. We are very proud of the outstanding results obtained by our athletes.

But their performance goes beyond the number and colour of the medals won. Some athletes were taking part in the event for the first time while others had their eye on setting a record. Some were on a winning streak, while others had tasted their share of failure.  Each had a different idea of what success meant to them.

No matter what their goal, we are proud of the commitment and discipline our FWCC athletes have shown in training diligently over the past few months and even years; in the camaraderie and friendships they have formed with fellow athletes; and in their resilience in bouncing back from injury, losses and other setbacks.

Stepping on that track or field to compete, whether for a record, medal or personal best, is in itself an act of courage. Winning - and losing - is transient, and your performance at one race does not determine the result at another.

Let both your wins and losses spur you on to greater heights and strengthen your resolve to be the best you can be, both on and off the track.

We, your coaches, will be there to support you through this long but satisfying journey. Congratulations to our athletes on a job well done, and our heartfelt thanks to all parents and teachers for all your support!