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Family Fitness Challenge

Today, 30% of Singapore’s resident population are Baby Boomers born between 1947 and 1964. This has implications for all of us: the young, the old, and the so-called “Sandwich Generation”, who have to care for both ageing parents and young children. 

To better prepare Singaporeans for the ongoing demographic shift, and to celebrate Singapore’s 51st birthday, we are organizing a Family Fitness  Challenge (equivalent to a 3KM walk) to encourage the entire family, even those who do not exercise regularly, to bond through sports. 

Our event will be unique in several ways:

  1. Multi-generations: the event is designed for families – grandparents, parents and children. Participants must register with either their child, parent, or spouse. If a participant does not have family members, he or she can participate with a friend. There is no limit to the number of participants, but there is a minimum of two. 
  2. A Celebration, Not a Race: to encourage participation from all, even those who may not be in the best health, the event will be untimed. This is not a race. It is not about how fast you finish, but that you finish. To make things fun, there will be various stations set up:
    1. Station 1:  Measure your Body Fat.  BMI (body mass index) is a measure of body fat based on your weight in relation to your height. This will be provided free of charge, allowing you to track and compare your BMI relative to the average level for their age, with tips on improving your fitness, diet and health.  
    2. Station 2:  Push-up challenge.  Push-ups are a great way to test your upper body strength and endurance.  A strong upper body is important for everyone who wants to perform everyday movements, such as carrying luggage or picking up children, with ease and without risking injury. Trainers will monitor and record how fit you are relative to the average level for your age. Winners will be announced for each age category!  Those who are not interested do not have to participate. To learn more about the benefits of Push-ups, click here. 
    3. Station 3:  Balance Challenge (for the Elderly).  Each year, more than 100,000 Singaporeans 65 years and older, fall, with far-reaching ramifications. One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury, leading to high financial costs of hospitalization and a loss of self-esteem due to the inability to take care of oneself. These falls can be prevented, and we plan to show them how, through various balance exercises. 
    4. Station 4:  Plank Challenge. Are you tired of experiencing back pain? Do you want to lift your child or grandchild effortlessly? Planks are the perfect exercise for you. They build and strengthen your Upper Body, Lower Body and Core muscles, and also increase your flexibility and posture. We will show you how to properly do plank exercises, and will also challenge you to a 2 minute plank challenge. If you can get through it, you’ll win a t-shirt!  
    5. Station 5:  Water balloons and water guns for kids. Time for some fun! You deserve it. By the time you reach Station 5 you would have already walked around 3 kilometers. It’s time to celebrate and help everyone cool down post-exercise.  T-shirts will also be handed out to ensure everyone has dry clothing to change into.
  3. FREE!  Just register, and get one step closer to a healthier lifestyle! 

Event Logistics

The event will take place in Singapore on July 30th at East Coast Park at 8am. 

It will be a 3-kilometer loop from East Coast Park area E2 to F2 and back. We expect most participants to complete the loop within an hour or two.  

To ensure hydration and safety, there will be water points and ambulances on standby. Snacks, drinks, and t-shirts will be provided for participants. 

We have limited spaces available so register now for FREE!   

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