Terms and Conditions of Registration

  • By signing up with FWCC Pte Ltd, you accept the following terms and conditions without limitation or qualification.

  • These terms and conditions may be revised periodically and you are bound to any such revisions.

  • Where the athlete is a below the age of 18, the athlete's parents/guardians (as listed upon registration) shall accept the terms and conditions on behalf of their ward.

Registration and Payments

  • You agree to pay the programme fee according to the latest fee schedule.

  • Full payment for the programme must be made one week before commencement of the programme. Payment for continuation of the programme has to be made one week before the commencement of the new cycle.

  • A penalty charge of $50 will be incurred for every month payment is delayed.

  • Should there be a need, fees will be pro-rated based on FWCC Pte Ltd’s discretion, and the decision will be final.

  • All payments made are strictly non-refundable once registration is confirmed, and is not transferable to any third parties.

  • No refunds or make up lessons for absentees or latecomers will be entertained.


  • Photos and videos will be taken during the course of training for the purposes of analysis, profiling, and marketing in the form of fliers, brochures, social media etc.

  • You agree to any photos of you and/or your child being used by FWCC Pte Ltd for these purposes.


  • The athlete must not represent other running clubs, organisations etc., unless it is for his/her current institution of study or employment. It is the responsibility of the athlete to inform FWCC Pte Ltd and the Head Coach accordingly to obtain approval before any race.

  • The athlete is required to race under the FWCC/TeamFabian colours at all races. Cost of race(s) are to be borne by the athlete and only selected races as determined by FWCC Head Coach/Admin will be subsidized.

  • It is the responsibility of the athlete to find out about training and race venues, dates and times.

  • The athlete must wear FWCC attire in all training sessions and races.

Weather Conditions

  • In the event of adverse weather such as lightning, rain, or haze, FWCC Pte Ltd will conduct the programme in a suitable area, eg. under the shelter. If there are no suitable alternatives, the lesson will be cancelled with no make-ups or refunds.

  • In the event of haze, the programmes will be cancelled if the PSI is above 100. However, you are advised to exercise your own discretion on whether or not your child should be performing outdoors activities.

  • In the event of cancellation due to weather conditions, FWCC Pte Ltd will attempt to contact athletes at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the session.

Physical Contact

  • You understand that there will be physical contact by the coaches in the course of training for purposes of movement correction and muscle activation/release. By attending training, you consent to appropriate physical contact by the coaches.

  • You understand it is your responsibility to notify the coaches should you be uncomfortable with such contact at any point of the training.

Physical Injury or Personal Loss

  • All participants must be physically fit/ready to participate and are advised to seek a doctor's advice before registering should they be in doubt of their health condition.

  • Injury including permanent disabilities or death is a risk that must be assumed when engaging in sports; accordingly, it is acknowledged that the athlete assumes the risk of injury or death and in consideration of permission to compete in competitions, the athlete, his/her parents/guardian(s) agree not to hold FWCC Pte Ltd and its members liable for any such injury, including death.

  • FWCC Pte Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property during the course of training.