Change in FWCC Programme Structure

Dear parents,

Thank you for supporting and believing in us in the development of your child’s athletic prowess. We would like to inform you of the upcoming changes to the programme structure. We have reviewed our current programmes and felt that with this change, we will have a better leverage to give the athletes the attention they require and aid their improvement in the sport.

We aim to start this programme in April 2019.

Groupings and training sessions

Now: Athletes turn up for training and are split into the appropriate groups during the session.

New: Athletes will be assigned groups based on their age and ability. They will have to turn up for the specific session allocation to their group.

Breakdown of New Groups

Learn to Run
Learn to Run
Competing Performance Recreational
Price/mth $140 $140 $280 $420 $560 $180
4-6 7-9 10-12 13 and up 10-16
Class Limit 6 8 10
Once a Week Twice a Week
Strength and
Conditioning Sessions
(Private Rates)
No On Request Once a Week (Included) On Request
Technical Sessions
(Private Rates)
No On Request Once a Week (Included) On Request
Total Sessions
in a Week
1 1 2 3 4 4 2
Physiotherapy Offer $120/session (U.P. $150)

Proposed Schedule

Our new programme structure will have lessons on the following days and groups.

Please note that this is not final and will be subject to change.

*Different groups are labelled A and B. Lessons will be mirrored between groups.

** Yellow boxes are potential class slots.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
530 - 630 pm PC Junior A LTR1 A 3 - 4 pm 530 - 630 pm PC Junior A 3 - 4 pm PC Junior B LTR1 B 530 - 630 pm 9 - 10 am Performance
630 - 730 pm PC Youth A LTR 2 A 4 - 5 pm Competing 630 - 730 pm Competing Performance 4 - 5 pm Competing LTR2 B 10 - 11 am Competing
730 - 830 pm Performance Competing 5 - 6 pm Performance PC Youth B 5 - 6 pm Performance PC Youth A 4 - 5 pm PC Junior A/B PC Youth B
6 - 7pm PC Junior B 6 - 7 pm 5 - 6 pm Competing LTR1 C
6 - 7 pm Performance LTR2 C


  1. What if I can only make it on certain days of the class?
    If there are 2 classes of the same group (Class A, Class B), you may come for the corresponding lesson of the other group.

  2. If the classes are twice a week, but I’m only coming once a week, are the fees pro-rated?
    No, the fee is for the programme. For the programme to be effective, we suggest that you attend all the lessons scheduled. If you miss a lesson, you may request to attend an appropriate make up class.

  3. My child didn’t meet the pre-requisite for a higher group. Can they still attend?
    No. The pre-requisites are designed to group athletes of similar developmental stages so that everyone in the group can reap the full benefits of the class. It is a common occurrence that a child is an early or late developer, and we wish to respect that and help them best from their current ability.

    If they are particularly outstanding in an aspect of the sport, we may consider them on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.

  4. For LTR 1/2, the classes are only once a week, but I would like my child to attend twice a week. Is that possible?

    We would like to accommodate for a holistic development of your child where they can engage in other activities. Attending more lessons might take away the time they need to grow up.

    You may choose to sign them up for 2 classes (ie Class A and Class C). However, the fees will still apply ($140 x 2) and the programme will be mirrored.

  5. I don’t think these are enough sessions. Can I sign up for more?

    You may opt for our technical sessions or strength and conditioning sessions which are priced at our private rates.

If you have any questions about the new programme structure, do feel free to contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” button!