Change in FWCC KidNetic® Structure

Dear parents,

Thank you for supporting us in the development of your child’s athletic prowess. We would like to inform you of the upcoming changes to the programme structure.

We have reviewed our current programmes and felt that with this change, we will have a better leverage to give the athletes the attention they require and aid their improvement in the sport.

This programme will be effective 1st Jan 2019.

If you have any queries regarding the change, do email us at

Breakdown of New Programme

Please visit this page for the fees and descriptions of the new structure.

New KidNetic Structure and Fees

New Schedule

CCAB Evans
Kallang Practice Track
CCAB Evans
Kallang Practice Track
CCAB Evans
4:00 pm Competitive
4:30 pm
5:00 pm Competitive Competitive Kidnetic LTR
5:30 pm Competitive Competitive
6:00 pm Kidnetic LTR Kidnetic LTR Kidnetic LTR
6:30 pm Kidnetic LTR Kidnetic LTR
7:00 pm